The Oga Lecturer project is a media initiative aimed at exposing and combating sexual harassment by lecturers of Nigerian higher institutions including universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. Almost on daily basis, the media is awash with stories of sexual harassment of female students by lecturers of Nigerian tertiary institutions. One of such numerous cases is that of Hamzat Kaothar, a student of the University of Abuja who was repeatedly failed by her lecturer for refusing his sexual advances.

Another case is that of Chinelo Emenike, a student of the Imo State University, who after being harassed by her lecturer, she reported the incident to the head of her department who thought it was not a “big deal”.

It was also recently reported that female students of the Rivers State Polytechnic in Bori were being forced into transactional sex with their lecturers in exchange for exam grades.

Undoubtedly, Most cases of sexual harassment by male lecturers against their female students go unreported. Unfortunately, most of the helpless and defenseless victims of sexual harassment on Nigerian campuses are forced to suffer in secret agony as they are rarely able to report such incidents for lack of confidence in their institutions’ ability to apprehend the erring lecturers and bring them to justice. Which mean that reporting such incidents will only lead to further persecution and victimization of the students who are almost always female.

Therefore Oga Lecturer encourages students that are harassed as well as their colleagues to report such incidents via a very secure online platform through the use of apps and other ICT tools. All crowd sourced information, data and other resources will be made available on our open source website, ogalecturer.com, dedicated to the project.

The mission of the Oga Lecturer project is to bring to an end or reduce to the barest minimal incessant cases of sexual harassment by lecturers of tertiary institutions in Nigeria, by empowering students to use ICT tools to report such acts of sexual harassment by blowing the whistle on such lecturers. The project, which will target students of tertiary institutions, aims to give voice to the victims and create conversation on the subject of sexual harassment on the social media as well as generate reliable data on the subject matter.